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Walt Disney said,

All our dreams can come true,


if we have the

courage to pursue them.


Largest Integrated Bereavement Care Service Provider in Asia


Nirvana Asia LTD (富貴生命國際有限公司) (“Nirvana”) is the largest integrated bereavement care service provider in Asia. We offer premium quality burial plots, niches and tomb design and construction services in terms of design, landscaping, materials used for building and amenities, site maintenance, and customer services, as well as high quality and reliable funeral services.


We are a leading death care service provider in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Our brands, Nirvana and 富貴, are widely recognized by customers in our home markets. We are the most recognized brand name in Malaysia and one of the most recognized brand names in Singapore in terms of professionalism, trustworthiness, quality of services and products and facility maintenance.



How to choose a right sales career?


We do not have the number of youth to squander, nor much opportunities to be missed in life. 

Thus, the selection of a right career and do the right thing is very important. 

Therefore, you must consider the following three major elements, before joining a sales industry: 

Company background and development


Firstly, observation of the company's background and stability is needed, and explore the corporate leader’s philosophy, visions, ideas and forward-looking development.


In 1990, Nirvana has grown continuously for 25 years, by under wise leadership of Tan Sri Kong Hong Kong, the founder of Nirvana Group. During all these years, he created numerous of miracles and achieved Nirvana Group as the largest integrated bereavement care service provider in Asia. In 2014, Nirvana Group listed in Hong Kong international financial arena which became a sensation of worldwide! Nirvana Group will continuously develop new boundary and market in the future, and this is our golden opportunity!

Product’s market and Marketing strategy

A good product can speak globally, apart from that, it also needs an enormous market and supported by effective marketing strategy. In this way, we can be more productive in achieving this career.


Nirvana has been granted as one of the most valuable and powerful brand in the world. This statement has proven that targeted market and customers will treat Nirvana as the first consideration when they making the decision. Therefore, a strong brand recognition could become a competitive advantage for us!


In addition, Nirvana has created an astonishing result which exceed RM700 million worth of sales in the yearly sales performance, however, the subscription rate is less than 1% in the market. In other word, there is 99% of the immense market still waiting to be developed! Furthermore, under the efficacious of marketing strategies, the sales performance of Nirvana is breaking record every year!

Lucrative commission plan

“Generous rewards rouse one to heroism.”, although a lucrative commission is important, however how long will it takes to earn a great wealth? We don’t have to wait for 5 or 10 years, if we have the opportunity to change your life in only 1 year.


The one and only Nirvana commission plan has surprised everyone in sales industry, but it gave you the courage to dare your dream in the moment. Thus, we having faith on people who want to pursue their dream capable to earn the first pot of gold in 3 – 6 months!


Join the Champion Agency 


Nirvana United, established in year 2008, our agency has become the CHAMPION AGENCY with RM20 million sales, and yet created miracles in the history of Nirvana, until now we are still the record-holder.


By imposing the 'System, Strategy & Culture' of our own, our agency have created marvellous result of RM60 million and become CHAMPION of year 2016.


In 2017 which has just passed, we have set another historic record with RM71 million sales, and of course, we are still holding CHAMPION title across all Asia countries.


Act now and contact us for more information, show us your Courage!



The top 6 reasons why you should join us.


By joining a successful agency, you will be able to greatly reduce the time of reaching compliance and achievement, and also chances of making mistakes. If you are a great dreamer, we are welcome you to join NV United, a champion agency.

The most remarkable achievements - Nationwide Champion in Nirvana Group

  • Champion team

  • Ideology of championship

  • System of championship


The most populous agency

As we always paying attention and cultivating on our new agents, we have the largest amount of agents in the agency. This norm has led the agency to reach the most output value by monthly. 


The most professional agency

"Professionals cultivate expertise" is our theorem to attract professionals to join us.

The most successful youths grown in the agency

Young people without qualifications and experience, still, we have an effective strategy help them to achieve their dreams

The most cultivated BDD leaders of the agency

We produce higher-order agency’s leaders, which prove that a healthy and effective system has been inherited.

The fastest growth rate of the agency

Unstoppable growing rapidly and breaking records through 7 years, it has become the most shining star. By joining us, the next shining star could be you!


Service Advisor Wanted


Job Requirement

•  Age 18 and above

•  No level of education needed

•  Chinese only

•  Part / full time position

•  Preferably with experience in sales industries,

    eg: insurance / real estate agent, banker,

    will-writer, salesperson etc

•  Must have own transportation

•  Sales and achievement-oriented with positive mindset and a good-team player

•  Good interpersonal and communication skills


With our guidance, you can seek a good future and there is high chances to get promoted in this company once your performance meets our requirements.



•  Training provided

•  High Commission + Special Incentive / Bonus

•  6-star Oversea Incentive Trip


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