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Nirvana Center  Kuala Lumpur


A Spiritual In The Heart Of City - Nirvana’s 6-star columbarium PHASE 2 is finally launched in July 2018! A Gem In The Bustling City. The very design of this establishment allows for harnessing the free-flowing "CHI" from nature through the open-structure concept. Located in Kuala Lumpur city centre, this is one of the most magnificent columbarium in Asia.

During launching period, we are offering "SPECIAL DISCOUNT". You have a chance to choose our 6-star lot, and paying 2-star price! Single niche starts from RM19,800 only! Act fast, contact us now!

Top 8 Benefits Of Nirvana Center

1. Ideal location in the heart of KL city

2. Perfect Combination of columbarium and memorial hall

3. Six-star magnificent columbarium

4. Fully air-conditioned

5. Six-star facilities - high class restaurant, florist, convenience store, resting areas etc

6. Over RM100 millions of perpetual maintenance Trust Fund

7. Excellent investment value

8. Zero interest installment

Nirvana Center (KL) Video - click to view



Magnificent Night View

Nirvana Centre Kuala Lumpur

6-star Resting Area

NCKL Resting Area

High Class Dining

NCKL High Class Dining

Parlour Hall

NCKL Parlour Hall

Buddhist / Taoist Columbarium

NCKL Buddhist / Taoist Columbarium

Christian Columbarium

NCKL Christian Columbarium

Free Thinker Columbarium

NCKL Free Thinker Columbarium
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