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Our cemetery in Semenyih, Selangor in Malaysia is our first and largest cemetery. It is one of the largest cemeteries in Asia in terms of area. As of June 30, 2014, our Semenyih cemetery covered 2.6 million square meters, of which approximately 143,000 square meters were available for sale and approximately 667,000 square meters were available for future development.


Since we opened this cemetery in 1990, we have been acquiring and developing adjacent land and cooperating with owners of adjacent land, and the size of this cemetery has grown from 202,343 square meters to 2.6 million square meters. We had 7,669 double burial plots equivalent available for sale and 35,901 double burial plots equivalent available for future development.


We also operate columbarium facilities at our cemetery in Semenyih. As of June 30, 2014, we had over 22,000 double niches equivalent, including approximately 8,000 available for sale and approximately 14,000 under development. 



Nirvana Memorial Garden in Fengshui Geomancy

In Nirvana Memorial Garden, its “Raising Dragon to the Sky” geomancy fengshui renders the descendants will reap good fortune, prosperity and flourishing offspring, and blessing by the ancestors. In fact, the five elements of Dragon, Mountain, Water, Sand and Direction are the key determining its geomancy. The powerful Feng Shui formations around Nirvana Memorial Garden (NMG) is set to enjoy prosperity and good fortune and ensure your family’s wellbeing. The geomancy of NMG, begins with Dragon Mountain form Qian Direction (North Westerly), at the valley thus forming “Wu Qu jin xin (Wu Qu Golden Star) whilst sitting at the backbone, bringing the authority and powering. The direction of North Westerly belongs to the component of Gold, and together with “Wu Qu Jin Xin” which also goes to bring blessing to the descendants, enjoying great fortune and outstanding posterity.


Nirvana, a superior geomantic ground, is a natural environment with dragon vein. in Fengshui studies, this land is a combination of with Ying and Yang elements, and the mountains in front “An Chao”, in layers and layers, symbolizing that businesses can be expanded till overseas, and longevity to people. This means the descendants will reap both the benefits of abundance and longevity.


Nirvana has set up the perpetual maintenance trust fund has more than RM90 million which to ensure the long-term maintenance of the park and customers only need to pay a one-and-for-all maintenance fee. The service provided by the fund included 24-hour security, maintenance of cleanliness and landscaping service.


Nirvana Semenyih

buddhist / toaist / christian


Nirvana Memorial Garden (Semenyih) Video - click to view



Burial Plot  Semenyih

The Nirvana Memorial Parks are featured with its outstanding landscaping, lush greenery, beautiful flora and contemporary sculpture, thereby the burial plot is a place with a peaceful atmosphere for the resting of the departed loved ones. Splendidly designed with garden style memorial park, Nirvana comes with a variety of burial plot choices, which family plots, double plots, single plots are all featured with different tomb designs located at good Fengshui land.


Nirvana Memorial Parks have burial plots catering to the needs for the Buddhists, Taoists, Christian.


Single Burial Plot

Land price start from RM16,600.

Double Burial Plot

Land price start from RM35,000. Check for other promotion now!

Family Burial Plot

Land price start from RM124,200.

Royal Family Burial Plot

Land price start from RM1,578,800.

Golden Dragon Columbarium

With its length of 1000 meter, this is the longest man-made Dragon Columbarium in the world. There are 6,711 niches in the Dragon Columbarium and it is fully air-conditioned. 

Columbarium  Semenyih

A columbarium is a structure with compartments or niches (small spaces) for placement of ashes or cremated remains in urns.  In Nirvana, each compartment is a unique design with space for individual style. It is a spacious and comfortable resting place which is in harmony with a peaceful environment of great splendor and serenity.  The departed will be able to rest peacefully while their descendants acquire an abundance of prosperity, health, longevity and great fortune.


There are superb choices of single, double, or family compartment at affordable prices for choices and also caters the needs for the Buddhists, Taoists, Christian etc.


Ancient Chinese Architecture Columbarium

Niche price start from RM9,800 (Single), RM13,800 (Double)

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Ancestral Tablet   Semenyih

Ancestral Tablet has been the very symbol of Chinese ancestral worship which can date back to the ancient Chinese Shang Dynasty. Ancestral Tablet occupies a central position at the altar of any traditional Chinese home. It is a sacred item that signifies observation of filial piety. Ancestral Tablets in Nirvana Memorial Parks are the fine alternatives to these tablets worshipped in homes especially for couples who have not had the time to attend to these worships rituals.




Ancestral tablet price start from RM10,388.

Christian Burial Plot & Columbarium  Semenyih



This tranquil garden, adorned with elegant sculptures and water fountains, exudes an ambience of peace and harmony through extensive acres of beautiful greenery. Designated exclusively for those of the Christian faith, the detailed landscaping incorporates biblical iconography to comfort the bereaved.


Burial plots are available in four Zones (Joshua, Matthew, Benjamin and Jacob) and the Christian Columbarium is of an architectural design unlike any other in the market.


Christian Burial Plot


Land price start from RM26,822.

Christian Columbarium


Niche price start from RM11,680 (Single), RM19, 800 (Double)

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