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Funeral Service Package  FSP

Pre-plan now and enjoy 27% discount!


What is a Nirvana Funeral Service Package?

Most people have never planned a funeral before and, in fact, they do not know where to begin. By offering complete funeral packages we have done much of the preliminary work, allowing you to concentrate on other matters.  We hope to be of help in this time of need and our deepest sympathies go out to you and your family.


Nirvana Funeral Service Packages will provide you the very best care and service to help you through this difficult time. They will help plan every detail of a funeral service customized to fit your family’s needs and traditions.


What is funeral service pre-planning?

No one likes to think about death, let alone plan for it. In many families, discussing one’s mortality is an extremely uncomfortable topic. But it is a topic that should be discussed and planned for well in advance of your death.


It’s easy to say, “Don’t make a fuss. I don’t want a ceremony. Just bury me and be done with it.” But it is important to realize that the ritual of a funeral and/or memorial service is not for the deceased but for the living. It is a time when friends and family can gather together to grieve openly and to provide support for one another.


By pre-planning your funeral, you relieve your family of having to make important financial decisions during a period of great stress and grief-a time when people aren’t thinking very clearly and may not know what to do because you never made your wishes known.


Why the funeral service pre-planning is so important?

  • Relieve loved ones from financial burdens, stress and confusion

  • Prevent the family from making costly and hasty decisions

  • Help to hedge against inflation and ultimately save money

  • Allow individuals to decide their preferred service, choose their own rites and rituals



"White Ladies" - respect for women
Preserving the dignity of your departed loved ones. The White Ladies are a team of professionally trained female embalmers and beauticians dedicated to rendering their immaculate services with a genuine heart for deceased female body.


This will leave a comforting imprint on the spouse, parents and children who would feel more at ease with this service respect for their departed loved ones.


Nirvana offers 3 types of packages for your selection and of course, within their specific financial budget which are NV Honour, NV Elegant (Buddhist & Taoist) and NV Gracious (Christian/ Catholic).


Package price start from RM43,700.

Promotion price: RM31,780

Package price start from RM30,700.

Promotion price: RM24,480

Package price start from RM18,800.

Promotion price: RM16,680

Package price start from RM21,700.

Promotion price: RM15,780

Package price start from RM14,700.

Promotion price: RM12,780

* White Ladies service is available in Klang Valley only.

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